Artist Statement:

In my work I aim to express the truth to myself and the art world that totally understands, feelings and emotions experienced in every day life. Love and hate, joy and sadness, pain and pleasure - these emotions, shared by all of us, can be confusing and misleading.

My goal is to speak the truth about these sentiments by representing them in the form of abstract art and landscape paintings done in watercolour and India ink.

Abstracts and landscapes, simultaneously simple but also complex, can have a great effect on you. As you focus on the shapes, colours and textures, you experience a feeling of being, of entering another world or place of Nirvana. It is here that the truth is revealed.

I don't choose my subjects; rather, I let them choose me. I paint whatever inspires me at the moment - life, an impression, a feeling, anger, a fragment from a dream. I don't focus so much on the subject, but let the theme develop as the painting evolves. My art is always a work in progress. As an artist, I dare to be different, while remaining true to myself, my work, and to the art world.

I have been blessed with a God-given gift, made available to me to express His views through my work. Having been given such a wonderful gift, I am happy to give back by promising a portion of my sales to promote Bladder, Prostrate, Colon and Breast Cancer awareness.


Samples of Artwork