My Story About Bladder Cancer


I am a Bladder Cancer survivor; have been treated for the last 5 years. I give thanks to God first and the strong support of my wife Saundra, my children Michelle, Terrance, Nirvana, Arron, Pimprad, Doctor Paul Pomerantz and his Staff. The first things that we as men must realize is that our body will tell us when there is something wrong. Instead of ignoring the warning signs get up and go to the doctors and find out what is going on rather than wait until its too late. (GET CHECKED)

It has been founded that Bladder Cancer is highly treatable especially in its early stages. Bladder cancer treatment includes chemotherapy, biological therapy, radiation therapy and a number of options for bladder cancer surgery. Treatment is determined by the individual and the nature of his or her cancer.

Risk factor includes age, race, gender, family medical history, personal medical history, environmental factors and smoking. Of all of these, smoking creates the greatest risk for bladder cancer. The National Cancer Institute estimates that smoking may be responsible for 48% of bladder cancer deaths among men and 28% of such deaths in women. 

Bladder cancer is relatively rare in people under 40 (less than 1%) but appears frequently in those 60 and older. Most cancer are diagnosed in people in there late 60's. It has been shown that whites are 1.5 times likely to develop bladder cancer than other races. Asians are the least at risk; men are more than twice as likely as women to develop bladder cancer.

Other factors. Chronic urinary infection, kidney and bladder stones, and chronic bladder infections tend to raise the risk of bladder cancer. Environmental: such as arsinic in drinkign water, chemicals involved in specific occupations increase risks. Bladder cancer is seen more frequently in hairdressers, machinists, printers, paintiers, truck drivers, railroad workers and people who work in rubber, chemical, textile, metal, iron and leather industries.


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